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After graduation, Dr. In he was granted a completion certificate in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Behavioral Preventive Medicine before entering a business career. Having been a marathoner and amateur triathlete at Stanford, he competed in the World Championship Triathlon in Nice, France in He also undertook community service as a Planning Commissioner who was later elected to the City Council in Brisbane, California, with one term as Mayor. In the early s, he founded and managed for nearly 20 years a successful international consulting firm, living primarily in London during the s to better serve European clients.

Starting in , Dr. Graham began a year program of divinity studies. Ultimately he was ordained as a minister by both the Temple of Knowledge and the Huna Heiau, which also awarded him its Doctorate of Divinity degree D. He has applied that knowledge in this fusion of science and spiri-tuality while integrating findings from his decades of travel, inquiry, and sincere seeking to obtain clarity on clues suggested by long-standing esoteric riddles.

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Newly updated Third Edition. This is volume three of a three-volume set. There were also global ocean tidal waves as our original, small moon was destroyed and Earth captured a large new moon that came from an outer planetary orbit as there originally were 12 planets in our system.

In the 4th Sun Age, a high civilization called Atlantis arose on a warm Antarctica in a society that fused science and spirituality into wisdom beyond modern grasp. Our advanced people traveled globally, interbred with locals, and spread vital knowledge. But most perished when the 4th Age epoch ended in disaster. A hardy handful of 4th Age survivors heroically devoted themselves to a vast rescue mission.

It would launch an era when we'd sorely need their ancient wisdom. All those events and insights are reviewed herein. Each reader would gain from spiritual supports in this new era. Accordingly, background on an ancient Atlantean-derived meditation is presented in Volume II. As Jesus sent his disciples out with just a walking stick and no money or change of clothes, so too did Mani.

Like Jesus, Mani also sought to reform the Mandean religion, thus the Mandeans feel about him the same way they feel about Jesus — that is, not very highly. He was thrown into prison by the Persian Gnostic Magi for tampering with their ancient wisdom. The Cathars. The author of The Knights of the Holy Grail gives a good understanding of the political, social and religious background of the Cathars:. The local nobility encouraged trade, economic stability and a level of creative freedom that was truly exceptional in Europe at that time.

The feudal rule of the local counts was subjected to a degree of democratic moderation by the wealthy bourgeoisie who were assisted by groups of lawyers in the more prosperous towns and cities.

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The influence of the Catholic Church had almost totally vanished in some areas and was in marked decline in the rest of the southwest. At the end of the 11th century, Count Raymond of Toulouse had raised a considerable army to participate in the First Crusade and liberate his Rex Deus homeland from the infidel, however, attitudes had changed by the midth century and the local nobility, who were growing in confidence in an atmosphere of declining Church power were becoming openly anticlerical.

Indeed, according to the Catholic historian Giraud, the nobility of the Languedoc, the prosperous and populous area between Carcassonne and Toulouse, were almost completely Cathar. Some historians also claim that it was a derivative of Manichaeism, an initiatory Christian cult of Persian origin based on the teachings of the mystic, Mani.

The Cathar heresy was a pure form of initiatory Christianity whose only scripture, the Gospel of Love, otherwise known as the Secret Gospel of John, taught the simple message that Jesus came to reveal and not to redeem. In this sense the first identifiable parent of the Cathar faith can be found within the First Church in Jerusalem led by James the Just, the brother of Jesus. At the heart of Cathar doctrine is the notion that true Christianity which the Cathars claimed to receive in a secret line of apostolic succession from St John is a life lived, not simply a doctrine believed.

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They claimed to be the only persons who had kept and cherished the Holy Spirit which Christ had bestowed upon His Church; and it looks as though this claim was at least partially justified. This is because another Gnostic movement with origins in the Middle East arrived in Europe at about the same time, although it had followed a road through the portal of Turkey. This second Gnostic movement, which was influenced by the eastern Gnostic sects known as the Bogomils, Paulicians, and the Gnostic religion of Manichaeism, united with Valentinus Cupbearers in southern France to produce the Cathars, a sect that advocated direct personal experience of the Divine, as well as the veneration of the Gnostic Cupbearer John the Apostle, just as its parent sects had.

John had become the patron saint of almost all the Gnostic orders at that time, and he was recognized as the glue that finally brought them all together. His two scriptural works, the Gospel of John and the Revelation of St.

John the Divine, had become compulsory reading for Gnostics everywhere, and he was rightly venerated as the Father of European Gnosticism. They were descendants of the Lling Lleat dynasty of Asia. The word Lling? That they supported the Cathars is without doubt. It was one of the major reasons for the Crusade against the Cathars in , which lasted until , and is known as the Albigensian Crusade.

The Templars refused to take part, because the Ulvungar Counts of Toulouse were the protectors of the Cathars and, being senior members of the Templars themselves came under attack.

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Once again, the Church was trying to kill off the members of The Family and destroy their documents, although now it was also greed that helped to fuel this particular purge. They were originally meant to be leaders of the people who were themselves led by the Christ spirit. Margaret Starbird, author of Mary Magdalene Bride in Exile has this to say regarding the reasons for the Catholics genocide against the Cathars;. The southern provinces of France were engulfed in a brutal genocide called the Albigensian Crusade , during which mercenary armies of the pope and French king collaborated to wipe out whole cities.

The annals of the Inquisition do not make clear what the Cathars believed that the Roman Church found so unacceptable, but strong evidence asserts that one of their tenets of faith was the marriage union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In , the French soldiers of Simon de Montfort swept into the walled town of Beziers and killed twenty thousand citizens, of whom many were Cathars.

Some sought sanctuary in the church, and perished en masse when the building was torched. This brutality is mentioned in a contemporaneous document describing the massacre at Beziers believed recorded by Pierre des Vaux-de-Cernay, a Cistercian monk writing in about the Albigensian Crusade and the campaign led by Simon de Montfort.

In a second account by the same author, A Description of the Cathars and Waldenses, Pierre des Vaux-de-Cernay asserted that the heretics affirmed the marriage of Christ to Mary Magdalene. The Cathars were members of a dualist school of Gnosticism with roots in early Zoroastrianism, the teachings of Pythagoras and the Mithraic cult transformed by contact with early Christianity. Some authorities claim that Catharism was a derivative of Manichaeism, the initiatory Christian cult based on the teachings of a Persian mystic called Mani.

Cathar society had distinct echoes of the Druidic era of the Celts, where the perfect were the equivalent to the Druidic priests and the Troubadours of the Languedoc, wandering minstrels who extolled the spiritual value of courtly love. Celtic Christianity was also an initiatory religion that is often described as having Gnostic and strong dualist tendencies. The Perfecti were men and women, easily identified by their distinctive robes, who lived in working communities irrespective of their previous social status.

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They traveled the countryside in pairs tending to the pastoral needs of the communities they served, preaching to their growing flock and administering healing. Their healing was based upon spiritual insight moderated by their expertise as herbalists and, in this they consciously replicated the duties of the first apostles and the Essenes.

In the Gospel of Thomas it is recorded that Jesus had informed his disciples that they too would become capable of doing all that he did. They believed that sacred knowledge came from God through the true teaching of Jesus and that spiritual union with God would be the ultimate result of their Gnosis. The author of Guardians of the Holy Grail tells us that Cathars believed that the souls of all humans began as angels, lured down to Earth, who became trapped in material bodies by the dark lord Rex Mundi — king of the world.

The Cathars taught that the goal of all humans was to purify and assimilate their angelic nature, and that through this reunion a Cathar could potentially acquire both gnosis and special angelic abilities to heal and awaken others. The rewards for the butchers who took part in this anti-Christian crusade were tempting indeed. An indulgence granting pardon from their past sins — and from any they might commit in the course of their holy duties — was granted to each crusader who served for forty days.

They also had the traditional rights to the lands, property and goods of any declared heretic, be they nobleman or peasant. Every freebooter, rogue, adventurer or landless member of the minor nobility not otherwise gainfully occupied, engaged in an un-holy race to take part.

Truly this was a God given and divinely blessed opportunity to murder, rape and pillage without remorse or punishment. It showed that the way to enlightenment, to the Light world of the Kingdom of Heaven, is via the act of love, the ancient principle of the hieros gamos. Sexuality abides at every level of being.

Much more than documents.

At every level it is necessary to marry the polarities, reconciling, wherever they occur, good and evil, reason and heart, heaven and hell, spirit and matter…as well as man and woman. There is no other way to God, Jesus taught, than by the way of transcendence, the way of love transmuted by the fire of mind: the way of the reconciliation of opposites.

They contended that the only way to permanently unite with the transcendental aspect of Dionysus was through renouncing the selfish and animalistic urges which occupy the material flesh.


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They taught that through a strict vegetarian diet, occasional fasts, study of the scriptures, service to others and lengthy periods of meditation, a seeker could permanently become a Bacchus. During his upbringing upon the Island of Samos, Pythagoras was exposed to many of the most ancient mystery teachings of the Serpent Goddess. Having been born into a Pelasgian home he was surrounded by the wisdom of the first colonists of the Aegean, some of whom had arrived directly from Atlantis. The author of Mysteries of the Bridechamber speaks of the time period circa CE when the Catholic church strove to become a unified religious model and outlawed internal debate and dissent.

In C. Priscilians death effectively marked the end of the outward practice of mystic Christianity.

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The Naassenes The Naassenes, whose name is derived from the Hebrew nahash or serpent, were said to have been started by Jesus brother James and Mary Magdalene. To continue with the words of G. According to Gnosis.