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A hands-on guide by one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America. Not your typical survival guide, and may not be for most of you. Contains a bunch of how to guides, from how to fight off a bear, how to set a dislocated joint, how to pick the perfect cigar and bottle of wine. Author: Gregory J. Another wilderness survival guide, concentrating on personal protection, signaling, finding food and water, travel, and health.

Detailed explanations and illustrated instructions on wilderness survival split into four sections: sustenance, warmth, orientation, and safety. A book for non-medical professionals who want to be able to help themselves, friends, and family with bad medical situations when help is not on the way. What would you say is the best survival book of all time? Have you read any of the survival books listed above?

Survival Medicine

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It is available in several versions and is an excellent book to read and study. I reviewed it on Amazon and gave it high marks, as did many others. The depth of knowledge displayed in this manual, the excellence of the illustrations, and the world wide applicability of its contents to me make it one of the finest manuals available.

With extreme weather events on the rise there is a definite probability that you can find yourself with an abundance of water one year, followed by the driest spell in human history. Without water, we die and currently we are seeing millions of people displaced in Africa and Asia. I have first hand knowledge of these situations and decided to write a book about water and survival. Our cities do not have the infrastructure to cope with the growing demand. Interesting topic for a book! As humans, we can become lazy, or overconfident, or forgetful.

Reading about ways others do things helps a lot with this, same with watching instructional YouTube videos. It is clearly my favorite. The rudiments of survival for most people are really pretty simple and can be broken down into a couple of paragraphs. On the other hand, living a primitive lifestyle and being competent in all manner of primitive skills is a life long endeavor. And I say this as someone that actually lives in a very rural environment on a dirt road with no running water and whose closet neighbor is one half mile away, and who actually lives the life and I am in my ninth year.

Skills such as what to do in case of an emergency and how to learn how to protect home and property, and how to fix things in case of an emergency. And to put together both tools and skills that will aid You in the recovery of a natural disaster. It makes no sense to develop Primitive Survival Skills for example if You have no clue as to how to protect Yourself and Your loved ones against the ravages of Mother nature on Your home and property. So that is where I would start. And that would be contingent on where You live and the climate zone You live in.

So for me, that meant developing carpentry, plumbing, electrical skills, masonry skills, learning how to take down trees, having arbor climbing skills, knowing how to use a chain saw and maintain them. Knowing how to make repairs and how to build things. Knowing how to use an axe, and to sharpen one and how to replace an axe handle. Knowing how to grow food for yourself, hunt and trap.

These skills have very little to do with short term survival, but everything to do with developing the skills You need to survive.

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After this, next would be to know the trees and plants in Your area. Then what wild edible foods that You can synergize with Your regular meals so that You have actual hands on working knowledge of how to plant, raise crops and what wild foods that are available in Your region. Plant knowledge and animal knowledge is also important. Learning how to trap is another important skill that someone should know. But note it is pretty far down the list, and not at all important for short term survival.

For short term survival, the list is pretty short: 1 Always carry a good warm coat with a hood even in July and August. That more than anything will keep You alive in almost all circumstances. Most people have either rain gear or ponchos. Something just as good is a couple of 6 mil plastic sheets. Two Sheets of 8 x 10 six mil plastic will keep You dry and cozy, and is so lightweight, that You hardly know You are carrying it, and of course You will need cordage. I carry a compass in every vehicle I own and I have a compass in almost every coat.

I think that I have at least 10 compasses.

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I always carry a Gazetteer of my state and a National Gazetteer as well. They are invaluable. With a Gazetteer, I always know where I am. With a compass and a road map, I have never been lost. By making a point of always knowing by being mindful of which direction You are traveling, it is almost impossible to get lost with a map and a compass.

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That is about it. How many of You are going to be flying in a plane and getting stranded on a desert island or in the middle of the pacific? Not too many. But how many of You are going to get stuck somewhere because You forgot to fill Your gas tank, or Your vehicle breaks down and You have to hike it to the next town.

Actually most of You at some point in time will experience this. And how many of You are going to have a storm knock out the power for a day or have the furnace break down and not have any heat until the repair man can get to You?

Actually most of you will at some point in time run into that situation. Or how many of You can handle a couple of downed trees or one slamming into Your house and You having to remove it?

Ranking the 10 Best Survival Books

Can You do it safely? Or how many of You will run into a situation where You will need emergency medical service skills to treat someone? It has happened to me three times. Or what do You do if You become injured? Can You take care of Yourself? Or how about Your family. Develop those skills, and when You have mastered them, THEN focus on those less realistic or probable. In reality, most of these books should not be considered survival books at all, but are rather Skill Development books.

Because that is what You are actually doing. Developing the skills to deal with different situations at different times and getting through those incidents as easily and as pain free and as comfortable as possible. A great bugging in guide to gardens, animals. Another book?